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things will get happening in June!

May ended with a blast, a sore throat and a really bad headache.

June started with a lovely 20min morning jog with Donald , smooth traffic to work, and an awesome Indian themed lunch. I had a garlic naan and rogan josh, others had a chicken masala, mutton bryani, and heaps more. *beams*

These few days, we start our days a little earlier. It just made events a little cruisier (if there’s such a word). We left the house a little earlier on Sunday, just so we could have a lazy Sunday morning breakfast at the kopitiam near church. Mom joined us later and I got the balance of my chocolate orange cake back. haha. =P

The message at church was quite interesting, and there were funny bits to it. Thanks to the preacher, each time either Donald or I nagged at each other, or said something negative to each other, we’d say ‘please direct your complaint to the guy up there’ hahaha. What a way to difuse the negative energy, and then have a little laugh to ourselves.

Trying to get Donald into the mood for narrowing down the details of our renovations. Meh. I’m bent on writing it down, and he’s bent on wanting to just draw it out. *sulks* Ah wells. Maybe we’ll be in a better mood tonight.

Our latest routine is to set my alarm at 6am, wake up at Donald’s 6.45am alarm, and then start the day. I swear the 6am is for the cats to wake up and meow for food outside our door. haha. But as of June, the alarm goes off at 6am, I wake up, bum around and slowly wake up, wake Donald up at 6.25am, and off we go for a jog. Funny how a jog in the morning makes a world of difference for the rest of the day.

Hopefully the jelly belly goes away with all these jogging. haha.

Anyways, heaps of things going on in June. We have our first appointment with HDB next week (a BIG step closer to owning a flat!), my driving theory test, and a few other big decisions to be making as well. *bites nails* All involving money. =(

On another note, it’s pay day! Now…how should we go about spending it…? =P

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