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it’s been a week since we came back from our 2 week holiday in Canada visiting family. Like all holidays, we had a great time. And then when you get back to reality, you feel like you need another holiday after you spend the next couple of days picking up the pieces..

like laundry. urgh.

and there is getting back into the groove of things again. breakfast. meals. grocery shopping, and thinking of ways to entertain the NST who has been thoroughly entertained throughout the trip and now has to come down from his high to being occasionally bored during this school hols.

the days have been peppered with

“can you please wait?”

“mummy has to do the laundry.”

“mummy has to cook. Can you go play with didi?”

“no, I’m not going to take out anymore toys. You have to play with what there is out there.”

“just a minute, I am doing the dishes”

mentally, I am telling myself that I just need to finish this, and then I will go play with them. Cos you know, if I don’t do this now, I will take an hour to do it after they have gone to bed and I won’t be able to sleep early. And I have a lot of things to catch up. It will be a vicious cycle. Or so I tell myself, despite feeling guilty that I should be doing more with the kids, seeing how it is the holidays. Just a little more to finish. 

And after the dishes have been done, I am tired and I whip out my phone to check out Instagram, Facebook and Dayre feeds. Just so, you know, I can chill a little. Just have a little me time cos I felt I deserve it after doing a whole day of chores and running errands. Just a little more. 

“mummy, can I have the phone/iPad?”

“no you can’t.” oh the irony.

I put my phone away. I tell myself, tonight I will try to finish my backlog of work, sleep early and be a better mother tomorrow and do something with them. Cos they deserve that just a little more too.

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