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so Ollie’s recent change of routine (initiated by himself) again has led me to wonder what on earth could be the cause of it.

Teething? He seemed to be chewing heaps on his fingers lately and drooling. Probably the molars.

Developmental milestone? He is trying to talk and signing a lot to communicate with us.

Growth spurt? Hellooo two-hourly nursings again. Just like that *snap*.

Being unwell? He is somewhat having a really bad flu, with the cough settling in now.

Separation anxiety? He would cry if Donald takes him from me (but would stop if distracted).

Check out the labels on what could be the problem. I should just simply attribute it to him being a kid and growing. I almost feel like I am finding a reason for the changes. Just so there IS a reason and I can feel better about it. Rather than tearing my hair apart. I have enjoyed being a mother to him cos he has been fairly easy to look this transition into a temper throwing, crying/fussing till he is sobbing is relatively new to me, and a little scary.

So..right. Can I have my smiley baby back now?

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