learning curve

this whole getting married business is such a huge learning curve for me. maybe the both of us.

As the day draws closer, tempers are short and it’s so easy for us to get frustrated with each other. Obviously we were pretty involved in our wedding preps, and we get annoyed when things don’t go as planned. Fingers are pointed, statements peppered with sarcasm.

Tonight, it was something new. I tried to be patient. In fact I think I let the fiance finish his sentences before I interrupted. ha-ha. That usually drove him nuts, when I interrupted him. I’ll get a look and the famous ‘can I finish what I’m saying first? ‘ . Hey, who doesn’t want to have the last word in man? =P

Jokes aside. This whole getting married business is a steep learning curve. We went from being boyfriend/girlfriend straight to future wife/husband-to-be. Well, yeah, it took almost 5 years for that to happen, not that it happened overnight. Still, I only realised that there’s so much more to learn. And that the so-called relationship that Donald and I have been having was in its infancy, and still very much so into the lead up of this thing called a marriage.

Maybe I don’t really know this guy that I’m marrying this Sunday, that well after all. Not that it’s a bad thing. But maybe he is not that bad as I have supposedly perceived him to be. His mannerism and that somewhat calm fury does say otherwise. Very much confused by the exterior of him vs the interior of him. I get doses of both, although more of the interior. Should I then allow myself to think that the interior of him is very much the person he is to everyone as he is to me? There are moments that beg to differ.

Or is it me who should look past that exterior, give him that unconditional benefit of doubt always, and in doing so perhaps ‘glorify’ him, and love that little man inside a little more than the pittance that he says he gets from me?

bebe, i love you but sometimes you befuddle the hell outta me.

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