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It’s been a while since I did a #mondaymusing. The blog has been a little quiet for the past 2 weeks. In between recovering from an event, to the boys being sick one after another, to waddling around the house at 36 weeks now, to what was happening around the world.

I didn’t know what to write or how to even begin. My thoughts are scattered and I was living in the now, not much mental capacity to reminisce or think about the way things are.

I’ve been a little on tenterhooks the past week as well. Quentin was born at 34w in 2014. I was monitoring movements, Braxton Hicks and how I was feeling in general. I took it easy too. We definitely didn’t want a repeat of a 34w baby, though I had a feeling that she would be a good size. Hahaha..this momma hasn’t been watching her diet obviously. All the weight is going to the baby, seriously. Each check up tells me so. Been also feeling so disabled by the pregnancy. I am used to being on top of my chores and workload. But with the bump in the way, I have to now close 2 eyes to everything. Donald has been a trooper to help out with all the chores so I have to tone down my nitpicking about clealiness and deal with it. Relegate laundry to multiple loads over the weekend. Not getting to mop the floor every day. Argh. Okok, must not think too much about it.

Even Daddy Ting is a little on the tenterhooks. He jolted himself awake one night cos he dreamt that I had woken him up to tell him that it was time. Hahahaha. Kancheong spider. Now that we are hitting 36w, I think we can chill abit, no? You can come out at 37w *pats bump* Best is 20th Sept hor. okok?

The news. It’s been a happening year. A truly truly happening year. There is more awareness about the Syrian Civil War. There is Zika. There is the presidential elections in the USA. There is more natural disasters. A Singapore president passes away. A Singaporean winning a gold medal in the Olympics. Zika arriving in Singapore.

It does make me wonder what kind of future the kids will have. People are so much more outspoken these days and they want more, in return for their loyalty, for what they pay for. How do I raise my children in a way that benefits society and yet, they still reap the rewards of what they sow? Even parenting is not easy these days, everyone is dissecting into behaviours and school of thoughts. Various camps on how to raise your children. What exactly is the best way?

The past week has been crazy no thanks to the Zika virus. DonaldĀ has had to do more deliveries as usual, since the ‘closure’ of Zyllem’s courier services. Gaah. We will have to figure out this courier thing for our business. Eventually.

Been feeling a lot more appreciative towards Donald these few weeks, as he takes on a lot more roles. I guess being in lockdown for the past couple of weeks as a family, with no visitors or even going out to relatives’ place has helped us regrouped a little more as a family. Usually, the kids are away from Saturday mornings till Sunday evening. In between, we do get to see them for a couple of hours but that’s it. Once the kids were out of the way, we would rush to run our errands or do deliveries. It was always about work. Sundays, Donald and I would get some time for breakfast & some marketing together, before it was back to more work, or getting ready for the week.

The first week, I was dreading having the two kids at home. By the time we hit the second week, we had fallen into a routine. By now, the fourth week, we were pretty much used to it. The boys have bonded even more closely, Oliver was stepping up A LOT moreĀ as an older brother. The boys have enjoyed spending more time on the weekends with Donald, to the extent of Oliver constantly asking Donald not to go to work. The boys have gotten more creative with their playing together.

Even Donald said that it was nice to be just us for this period of time. It was somewhat tiring, but it was rewarding. Rewarding listening to Quentin speak a lot more and express himself better. Rewarding listening to Oliver being more understanding and accepting when we explain why certain things happen. Rewarding being able to spend time with Donald talking about the kids cos he was there to also experience the moments with the kids.

And cos we were busier with the kids and work, the quiet times we had together were more precious. I had a jailbreak moment on Saturday night and I went to Tampines to grab some supplies. Came back with durian and Gong Cha, woke him up and we spent some time together eating and talking. Talked about the types of durian, our memories of time spent eating durian in Melaka, life in general, about Sarah, about some conversations I’ve had with some friends and what his thoughts about it were. It was a good kind of moment.

It would be our wedding anniversary in 9 days time. Can’t believe we’ve been together 11 years, married for 6 years. And I swear, we are still in a good honeymoon stage of our marriage. We do have our shares of quarrels, but I think we are still good together. This love we share is still strong & firm after 11 years. And I am thankful for that.

Now..just gotta wait for this no-so-little girl (gaah…estimated 3.1kg at 36w!!) to arrive and then it’ll be a whole new chapter of our lives. Cannot wait!

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