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Donald and I have a decent lifestyle, but terrible eating habits.

Esp. me when at home and at work. My department is going through a keropok craze as mentioned a couple of posts before. Which means, it’s soooo hard to resist snacking when you are feeling drowsy!!

And crazy me just suggested a chocolate craze. haha. Right.

So. Donald and I have been going on about exercising to have a healthier lifestyle. But we are such procrastinators. To think I used to wake up at 6am without a problem. Now..I wake up at 7am. -_-”

A colleague at work, Rico, and I have been trying to encourage each other to eat more vegetables and fruits for lunch, and even exercise. haha. The vegetables I’m okay, but I keep forgetting to bring a fruit along to work.

And obviously my weekly work-food schedule has been ignored, so everything’s haywire.


SO. I’m gonna start cooking a vegetable dish, and some rice at home, and bring it to work. I’ve just decided that even though I’m eating veggies from the canteen, the amount of oil used to fry it just cancels all the health benefits out. Meh.

Oh..and I’m gonna attempt cutting ALOT of sugar out of my diet. 1/2 tsp of sugar in tea, and no more soft drinks. The chocolate bit…may have to come later. haha.

Hopefully this works. and I’m gonna have to start sleeping earlier. *yawn*

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