long weekend

good ol Queen.

*laugh* that’s what Dan said when we were talking about the upcoming long weekend, with Monday being the Queen’s birthday. And then we had a moment saying ‘God save the Queen’. hahaha.

Gonna be chilling this weekend. Donald and I have been catching up on sleep for the past couple of nights. Bedtime at 8.30pm just so that he’ll get enough rest for his morning shift at Ikea. It doesn’t really help me, cos I’m up at 6am..and then going back to sleep, and then waking up..etc.

Definitely going to catch up on my gardening. It looks APPALLING! Compost going in, and then some soil and blood and bone. Can’t wait =)

Probably going to have to start on some of the wedding preps for the wedding in Singapore. A month long celebration! haha. Currently waiting for more photos to come in. I’m gonna be compiling it into an album hopefully! Sam’s got an awesome shot of us laughing whilst the bridal party were giving their speeches. It can be seen here.

Gonna go watch Up 3d again today I think! Guess who’s gonna have ice cream for a free Gold Class upgrade? haha

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