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i swear there is this love hate thing going on between our contractor and us. One min we are cool, the next min it’s otherwise. Sigh.

was a really long today for us today, with me having to work and then heading straight to the new flat before we meet the contractor at 2pm. Donald could have slept in but he had to drop me off at work. Aww =P

we had found some defective tiles previously and wanted to inspect the rest of the flat. So it was us on fours, mapping the tiles, tapping away and checking for scratches. We had gotten some 600mm x 600mm glossy floor tiles so scratches were a huge issue, especially when we haven’t even moved in!

the contractor got there and we showed him the defects. Thankfully he agreed with us, though he asked us to a little bit more lenient towards some scratches. Even the electrician balked when he saw the amount of tape on the floor.

and then we got the news about some delays in the carpentry. Sigh. We then moved the shifting and delivery back by a week for good measure. We are fortunate to get some very decent tradesmen who are accommodating towards our needs. For that I’m thankful.

back to the flat tomorrow to confirm the mapping of tiles. Can’t believe my Saturday just went by like that. At least i had a satisfying seafood dinner! Had been craving for some decent crab for ages, and i had the most awesome crab pincer today! Yum..! =)

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