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spend most of yesterday hopping from one end of the island to the other..sorta. =P

Visited grandma yesterday and had lunch with her. We had some really funny conversations, where she’d say one thing and then say the entire opposite again later. Should probably make this a weekly thing, just so that I can improve my Hokkien. It’s gone down the drain ever since I got together with Donald and started picking up Cantonese. =( I bet my father-in-law was probably laughing his head off quietly when I had this convo with grandma over the phone. heh

Then scooted over to the east to grab some food stuff for the dinner that I was cooking last night. My mom finished work early and met up with me at Bedok Interchange. It was pointless having my mom along, and asking her if there was such and such ingredient at her place. She doesn’t cook and I probably should have known. Geez. Dinner was a simple creamy pasta with bacon and asparagus, and a salad with lemon & thyme dressing. Dessert was a failed chiffon cake. haha.

Now let me tell you why it failed. Partly cos I never read through the recipe before I do anything, and partly cos the Japanese-English was just bad. ‘add in half the yolks and sugar.’ I had added in half the yolks and all the sugar when I realised they meant half the sugar as well, cos the other half was to be mixed with the egg whites!

like what the…never mind. So what happens to the rest of the yolks then??? It doesn’t say ANYWHERE in the recipe. -_-“‘ I poured the rest in anyways..not sure if that chiffon being densed was a result of that. But never mind. so confusing! Will attempt it another time AGAIN. hahaha. It still tasted good tho! Just more like a slightly airy pound cake (if that makes sense).

Justina came for dinner as well, and that dear girl…*strangles Justina*, called at 7.30pm (she was meant to be at my mom’s at 7.15pm!!) to say she was on the way. She sounded like she was in the lift, so I thought she was in the lift at my mom’s. She let the cat out of the bag when she asked which exit to take off the freeway. hahahahah. She was in the lift at her working place!! DOH. Anyways she bought little cups of ice cream to go with the dessert, which worked out fine. =P

Tina and I shared a good laugh over an inscription that I was gonna scribble on the back of a photo. Private joke, hmm, maybe something that I’ll share when she gets married at some point in time. =P hahahaha.

Can’t wait till we get a place of our own! Then there’ll be more cook outs!

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