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MJ. Magical Jay.

magic. that was what last night’s concert was to me.

impecable. incomparable. out of this world.

Opening scene @ 'The Era' concert

it was my first Jay Chou concert after ‘knowing’ Jay for 10 years. and it was so.frikking.awesome.

it was like going on a first date. I couldn’t really sleep the night before. I made sure that I charged some spare batteries for some concert photos. I pondered about what I wanted to wear to the concert.

And then I tried to keep myself busy so that time would fly.

I was nervous when it got closer to the time. There was two ways the concert could go for me. It could be a ‘omg, it’s Jay!! *extreme hyperventilation*’ or it could be a ‘oh, that’s it?’. I had set pretty high expectations for this concert. To give him heaps and heaps of credit, Jay did not disappoint.

With Justina screaming beside me as well, about the concert starting, I told her that I thought I saw a silouhette in this globe like thing, and the both of us started screaming. hahaha. The atmosphere was magic. We were screaming our hearts out, we sang along to his songs, and we stood up when he told us that the chairs were for bags, and we were meant to be standing. haha. =)

The effects were magical. 3d effects were used, and the concert was brought up to another level. There was a message to all fans from Jay as we went through the last 10 years of memories on screen. His dedication, and his works.

‘do you remember my first song?’

‘do you remember my first concert?’

‘do you remember my first movie?’

‘do you remember “Secret”?

‘I will not go down so easily..because I am 周杰伦’

I was getting teary by then. Jay’s come a loooong way. And just when we thought it was the end of the concert, the drummer led us into a drum solo, before thumping out 3 distinctive beats. The entire crowd went mad, and soon we were chanting Jay’s name in unison with the beats.


And we got the encore we wanted. *dies of happiness* hahaha. At some point in time, I must have tuned out to the entire concert and just stared at Jay singing, and dancing, absolutely mesmerised. Cos I can’t remember what happened at some parts of the concert. I know I was screaming my heart out, I know I was waving my hands with the rest of the fans, I know I was grabbing Justina at some point in time. But it all felt like a dream. Like it never happened.

To be honest, I’m still quite in a dazed. Thank god for photos. hahah. =P Even staring at the photos, even some of them are badly taken, I can’t believe I was there to take them. Like I’d think that they were taken by someone else.

And thank god for 20x zoom lens hahaha. Watching Jay on the lcd screen was insane. hehehe. Okay, I gotta stop raving about Jay. And snap out of it at some point in time.

Maybe in another 10 years time. =)

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