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the mooncake & I

This one turns 6 months old next week. Ever since she was born, life has gone past in a blur. But it is also because of her, I learnt a lot more about my two boys, my other half and myself.

I was still in a relatively holiday mood last year. School holidays and Christmas. Work sorta took a backseat; I did what was necessary. No further planning was done. It was fun going for play dates, taking the kids out for mini adventures. Through this, I watched my boys grow up.


How Oliver would carry his own backpack filled with essentials so that I could reach for them easily, especially when we went out without the stroller;

How Quentin would put his trust in his older brother, and listened to the instructions his brother gives.

And I learnt Sarah hated nursing in the carrier in the early days. Which meant sitting around and nursing. The boys took the waiting well. We sat at MRT platforms and watched 3-4 trains go by, whilst Sarah nursed. We sat at the fountain at Ngee Ann City shopping mall people watching.

School reopened and we had some hiccups. There was a Lego ban because Oliver refused to put away his Lego and there was Lego strewn everywhere and incomplete sets. Then came the TV ban, on top of the Lego ban. I had to overwork my brain to think up of activities to keep them occupied.

Daddy Ting said ‘let them be bored.’ and bored they were. Until they came up with ways to entertain themselves. And they did! I introduced chores.

scrubbing the floor for the lunar new year

We went out a lot more

mornings at the playground

soaking in the festivities at Chinatown

scooting in the evenings

And of course, more chores. I got them involved in their meals, hoping that they would appreciate what goes into the food that they eat

coating some fish for fish fingers

lining the tray with cupcake liners for granola clusters

I wish I could say I kept up with it. Most of the times I was at tenterhooks about the mess.

Play-doh getting stuck in the Play-doh table;

Coloured water spilled over the table and the boys were smearing water everywhere despite handing them the rags to clean up;

Running off with crumb-coated fingers to the toilet to wash their hands (there was a breadcrumb trail).

I was tearing my hair out and thinking I’m never ever doing this again. They can watch all the tv they wanted! Argh. But it got better. Some days, Oliver would be quietly writing, a note to his friend, a birthday card; some days, Quentin will be flipping through a look-and-find book in the morning. They really got better at playing with each other

before the Lego ban

of course there are still fights and tears and yelling. I guess that is inevitable. But definitely more laughter. Laughter at the random things that Oliver says or does. Laughter at Quentin’s sense of logic. Laughter at how Sarah looks adoringly at her brothers.

At 5 months 3.5 weeks, she is raring to go with solids. No food is safe from her. She watches it with eagle eyes, reaching out for whatever that may be dangling from your fork or chopsticks. fml.

5 secs before she topples over

she’s at the stage where she recognises the people around her. and she is my koala bear. She clings on to me when I am carrying her, and sometimes tries to wrap her arms around my neck. haha it’s quite funny when she does that.

clinging on to me

aiieee thumbsucking. but so cute leh.

okay..obviously girls have more dress up options. I’m still learning the ropes. Fortunately for Daddy Ting, I’ve not gone overboard with the clothes. I think I’ve only bought less than 10 pcs so far? No occasion to wear leh.

And..ending with a favourite blurry morning photo with no one looking at the camera always.

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