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well, about 5 hours after I wrote the previous entry, I accepted a job offer. Woot! I officially start work next Monday!

I think the job offer came at a nice time. I was done with having a holiday. At least my brain was. It was getting to the point where I was bored of doing everything and anything. And if it went on any longer, I’d have been absolutely unmotivated to find a job, and be happy just staying home. Wake up, gym, FB, lunch, head out (maybe), bum, come home, dinner, watch TV, sleep. Absolutely nothing productive. Except for doing work for a client. =P

But yes, gonna be an interesting experience working in Singapore all over again. A proper job. Was a wee bit worried about my capabilities to write at work (this job requires good writing skills). Got back that confidence after I wrote an agreement for us and the sellers of the flat. I rock. So hah!

So we’ve been working a fair bit on the floor plan, drawing out where we want to put stuff. So exciting!! Too bad all my Real Living  magazines aren’t with me. I’ve only got 2 copies that were sent here so far. Meh. There’s a Home & Furnishing fair happening at the Expo this weekend, so we will be popping by to have a look and get some ideas. Can’t believe this is all happening! *starts dreaming about her dream kitchen*

I had borrowed two recipe books from the library last weekend. One’s Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess, and the other’s called The Golden Book of Cookies (yes, the book’s golden too). Flipping through Nigella’s book and drooling over the cakes, biscuits, pies, chocolate sections of the book. I want my own copy now. =( And I CAN’T WAIT to bake and cook in my own house!! For now, I’ve just gotta copy the recipes into this little folder I have on my laptop. Will print it all out and file them when my printer comes in. =D

Or…I could have a wishlist for my birthday here…=P *hint hint!!* I wouldn’t mind:

– an extension for my subscription for the Australian GoodFood magazine
– an extension for my subscription for the Kitchen Culture Food & Travel magazine
– recipe books
– Jay Chou 2010 concert tickets (for husband to buy only. haha) =D

Btw, anyone knows when the concert is happening!??! Justina & I are soooooooooooo there.

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