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in case you haven’t heard, our long long holiday in Australia is coming to an end. haha

My husband has left me for the greener pastures, and left me in Perth, ALL ALONE for the next 2 months. *sniffles*

Anyhoos, yes, we’re are moving back to Singapore in February. Donald has left to start looking for a place of our own, whilst I’m staying behind to finish up some work, and get us ready for the move back. Timing so nice, leave me alone for Xmas. *sulks* oh AND the new year.

Before some of my rellies start calling him to complain, it’s my choice lah. Can’t just drop everything and go, and as I just found out like 1.5 hours ago, that I’ve got heaps of paperwork to do to move the cats home. *faints*. If I didn’t love my cats so much……….

If anything, my cats have been providing me amusement for the past couple of days. They are happy to sit next to me whilst I sit crouched over the coffee table msn-ing Donald. In the morning, they will play-fight which I find highly amusing. Seems like Marcus is a little bit more daring when ‘daddy’ isn’t around. He is the one who initiates the fight with Thomas, and he was the one comforting me when Donald left on Sunday arvo. He followed me around the house, and then put his front paws on my chair to peer at me when I was bawling my eyes out. haha.

For that, my boys, I’ll do anything just to bring you home. =D

I’ve started my exercise regime of walking to work, and then cycling home, and then cycling to work, and walking home..etc. You get the pattern. My muscles (fats) aren’t as sore as I thought they would be it. Guess it’s sorta like riding a bike..just being familiar with it. Been up regularly at 6.30am in the morning, then taking my time to wake up, water the plants and then eating breakfast and spending some time with the boys before heading off to work. Wish I don’t need to wake up this early, butĀ damn body clock. I figured I’d be better off waking up when my body wakes up than trying to head back to sleep. Bleh.

Finally finished the leftovers in the fridge. Now theĀ painful task of thinking of cooking for one everyday. Happy to cook for heaps of people, but not for one. Cos I think sometimes, my cooking sucks, and then I won’t eat it, and I’ll waste food. I think better to stick with sandwiches…

Which got me to thinking..maybe I should do a sandwich a day for lunch, and post them up. haha. But not now I guess. I still have got some meats in the freezer to finish up before I can get on with my sandwich adventure. Now to dig up all the recipes for different kinds of sandwich!

Oo, on a happier note, I’m getting the SG wedding photos soon!! YAY! Can’t wait!

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