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ahh..Sarah is down with a cold. Figured she would be coming down with something since she was coughing last week, but only at night. Then two days ago, bam, the waterworks started. Sleep patterns got thrown out of whack. On top of the funk I was going through..totally not cool.

She preferred to be nursed sitting up, she wanted to fall asleep in my arms upright/against my chest on slight incline/on my shoulder.

She has a fierce temper. I just experienced that this arvo for..15 mins. OMFG. She could just go on and on..and it was fake crying. WTH. Fine, you win. Go play with your brothers instead of taking your nap.

This evening, she rested on my chest half-asleep, with me seated on my bed in a slight incline (no support for my back), legs raised to support her, in a rocking motion. I made a mental shrug and thought, hey I was pretty multi-functional. Not just multi-roles of chef, secretary, event planner, nurse/doctor, etc..the usuals hor. Multi-functional I say.

With her in the baby carrier, I’m the portable yaolan, bobbing around with knees slightly bent.

With her in my arms and swinging her, I was pretty much the eco-friendly car (err, minus the occasional methane)

With her against my chest as I rock her to sleep, I’m the rocker, webbed/daybed/Fisher Price version (take your pick).

No wonder my knees are giving out. Gah.

still my champion eater!

To the boys..I am also the…

..dictionary (loads of ‘mummy, how do you spell <insert word>?’)

…Google Maps (‘mummy, how are we going to get there?’)

…encyclopedia (‘mummy, why is the snake so long?’)

Seriously, the amount of reading up I have to do when the boys get interested in something. When Oliver was interested in space (still is!), it sure had me reading up a fair bit about it. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the process. And of course Matt Damon was fabulous in The Martian, as was George Clooney in Gravity & Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar. =P

Kidding. I was highly dependent on NatGeo for Kids. Need all the simplified words to process information. It’s all in good fun though.

Wonder what Quentin’s gonna be interested in. Music maybe?


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