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the first year of my life as a mother, milestones for Ollie was a major thing. I would religiously read books to find out what were the milestones that Ollie was supposed to be hitting, and then compare him against the guide. It kinda gave me a feeling of normalcy, like “phew, Ollie is meeting those milestones”. Or when he was ahead of said milestones, you know…being a mom, I couldn’t help feeling REALLY chuffed about it. Haha.

by the third year, I figured it shouldn’t just be about the milestones that the kids are hitting. There should be milestones for moms as well. And I bet there are some out there. You know, milestones like…

1) eating food that your kid just spat out, especially if it has only gone through like 2 chews in his mouth; or

2) being able to finish breakfast in one go; or

3) being able to go to the bathroom with NO interruptions; or

4) go through a day peacefully with no tantrums or crying; or

5) catching puke successfully with NO spillage on the floor. 

Ahhh..such is my life as a mother. With each mini successes, I unlock a new level of new high or sometimes, new low. Hahaha. But days like today, I look back at them and laugh, and perhaps beam with a wee bit of pride. Sometimes they are mini battles, but at the end of each battle, the kids and I walk out of it unscathed and we love each other a little more.

These days, the milestone I’ve hit is not pressuring my kid to be toilet trained. We have always just asked, and never pressured. It has lead to the day where he announced he had to do a poo and successfully did it on the toilet.

SCORE. Donald said to mark that date, 24 June 2014. Hahah. It meant so much to Daddy cos Daddy was the one next to him, encouraging him. Ollie did it again tonight, and Daddy was proud too.

Ollie has also started announcing more frequently that he needed to go on the toilet. But it has also started a whole new plethora of statements and conversations between Ollie and I. Statements like:

1) *stares at penis* “Why is there a hole?”

2) *farts* “What’s that sound, phhsh?”

3) “Ollie must point down.”

4) *farts again* “What’s that sound, pffbt?”

5) “A, B, C, D, E, F, G….” *sings at the top of his voice*

6) *looks into the bowl between his legs* “There is no egg inside!”

7) “All done. Ollie MUST wipe and flush”.

8) “No more poop. Can flush. Is not egg, is pang sai.”

One must be creative about how to respond, and oh..mummy can get pretty creative. Good grief. I was SO totally not prepared for that.

And then…there was that incident in the public toilet. *groan* Where he happily announced loudly who in his family had a penis and a vagina. Right. Thanks. I’m sure that everyone on the first floor of the library would like to know that.

But hey, now I’m prepared for that. Just waiting for round #2 when QT starts making statements like this too.



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