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tiny car for tiny hands.

just when I thought things would be getting easier, I get a curveball. Who was I kidding, I had already read about it, but I was just hoping that somehow, Ollie would be different. Hah.

So all of a sudden, before we left on our short vacation to Melaka again, Ollie decided to be funny with his appetite. He wouldn’t finish his porridge, and would rather nurse most of the time, which would be fine if he didn’t bite!! Gaah. On the morning of our trip, he barfed in his cot. Donald hurriedly picked him out of the cot where he proceeded to barf more on the floor. Hmm, was this an ominous sign to the trip?

No it wasn’t. It was just growing pains.

Ollie also then decided that he would not be patted or rocked to sleep. He would only nurse to sleep. Cue disgruntled mommy who felt that she wasn’t going to get the holiday break she envisioned. Well, I had envisioned it to be the way it went the last time we were at Melaka, Ollie sleeping with Donald, Donald bringing Ollie to me when Ollie wanted a feed and taking him back after, and I get the super single bed allllll to myself again.

Nope. Totally didn’t happen that way. We played musical beds in the middle of the night. *sigh* On our last night, I ended up sleeping with Ollie cos Donald had to drive back to Singapore and I wanted to make sure he had enough rest.

Post trip, Ollie’s appetite is back to normal, and if not, even better than before. Apart from eating his own serve of porridge, he would reach to grab our hands for what we are eating and fuss to be fed. Which is a good thing I guess, cos that means I can’t snack as frequently as I would like to. *grumbles*. He is eager to self-feed for sure. We found out that he is happier to drink more water if he held his sippy cup on his own. I’m happy with that.

Sleep-wise, pfffffffpt. I had a grouse with D the other night about it, about how Ollie had to be absolutely nursed to sleep now, and how the 2-hourly nursing (AGAIN) are driving me insane. Helloooooo growth/development spurt, possible teething and separation anxiety. Ollie doesn’t want papa. Ollie only wants ma-ma-ma-ma-ma.

*beams* speaking of which, Ollie officially looked at me today, reached out for me and then grinned before saying, “ma-ma-ma”. *beams with pride*

Okay, I digress. I know it is there to stay for a while, this phase that he is going through. He is really trying very hard to take that first step again, his standing solo is definitely more stable (can even wiggle his butt on the spot), he is uttering more sounds and trying to form a baby jabber sentence rather than babbling, he understands what we are saying a bit more (cat, nodding, stretch, give hugs, no biting). I just need to remind myself that he is a baby, the world is so big and there’s so much he is trying to absorb.

Right. Ollie, play nice to mummy and we’ll be good to go.

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