new neighbours

about a week ago, we found that we were going to have new neighbours, a family of 5, the youngest being 3 years old.

when we found out, we were kinda happy, but also in an “oh-shit” mode. I reckon Singaporeans have a love-hate relationship with renovations. It’s hard to find a decent renovation contractor (project manager) and sometimes work is prone to delays. I think everyone everywhere will face this common issue. Ah wells. According to the project manager, the reno is expected to take 6 weeks. YIKES.

Our “oh-shit” mode was because of Ollie. Noise and dust being the main issue. So Donald and I quickly discussed our options, and what we should do. We ended up agreeing that Ollie should spend the day at my parents’ place and then go home at night. It basically meant that we had to move his play yard over, some clothes, a bag of food pouches for contingency purposes and toys.

It also meant his routine would be a little screwed up. Meh. Well, I guess it kinda helps that he wakes up early in the morning so we can leave before the renovation contractors come in. His routine hasn’t varied much, but something somewhere is affecting his night sleep, which is affecting MY sleep. Gaaah. It is sooo exhausting. From 4 hourly feeds to 2.5 hourly feeds.

Please don’t say it’s another growth spurt..*groan* unless it’s the doing of that 4th tooth that has just emerged..hrrrm or it could be the pyjamas that he has outgrown..(i know it sounds nonsensical, but i have my reasons! haha)

The past one week has been exhausing though, I don’t deny that. I reckon I have lost a fair bit of weight with this early morning walks. haha. Toner..maybe. Imagine lugging 9kg on walks. I told my mom I could easily be prepping my body to handle the weight for my next pregnancy. Hahaha. Watch me do somersaults then. 9kg? pfffpt. Easy peasy. Yar right. *roll eyes*

Well, obviously my parents are enjoying the extra time spent with Oliver. My parents’ place has been quite noisy during the evenings with Oliver’s jabberings, and my parents playing with him. It’s gonna be so quiet for them when we move his stuff back home once the reno settles down.

For me, I’m just looking forward to being able to spend time in my home again, cooking, baking and even household chores!

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