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empire red KitchenAid

we recently acquired two new kitchen appliances. when I say “we”, I actually mean “I”. *beams* We bought a KitchenAid Mixer, and a Taurus ice cream maker.

I was telling Donald that my life is complete with these final two appliances. *grins* The ice cream maker was bought on a whim. Donald had mentioned that if we were to ever buy an ice cream maker, it had to be one with a built-in compressor rather than one where we had to freeze the bowl before churning the ice cream. Happened to chance upon one when I bought the KitchenAid, and it was at a decent price, so we had a quick 5 min WhatsApp discussion and we bought it! Yikes.

So..sitting in our kitchen cupboards (apart from the KitchenAid that has the privilege of sitting on the countertop) are:
1) Taurus ice cream maker
2) Kenwood food processor
3) Sunbeam breadmaker
4) Bosch fruit juicer

I couldn’t help it and decided to use both new appliances the day it arrived by making some malt chocolate ice cream with Oreo cookies (from the GoodFood Magazine Asian Edition, Apr 2012). Making ice cream for the first time with a 2.5 month old who doesn’t nap long enough is challenging.  The kitchen looked like a war zone with a cluttered countertop, and full sink. Meh. I ended up with lesser liquid for the ice cream as I had to step away to entertain Oliver, and that sorta resulted in some scrambled “eggs” at the bottom of the saucepan, and lumps in the mixture. *sigh* Bring in the strainers, all 3 of them. I ended up having to use a flour sieve to sieve out the lumps to get a smooth enough chocolate mixture. I think probably only ended up with half the custard mix. *chuckle*

I was exhausted after the end of it, and that was not the end cos I had the washing up to do. *groan* Donald came home in time and the mad washing up begin. I can’t wait for Ollie to be able to sit up and watch me do stuff so that I can entertain him whilst doing my chores.

Avilyn said that I am so domesticated with the recent purchases. Maybe I am. Or was I already domesticated? haha. Coming from someone who didn’t really like cooking in the first place. Now I can’t wait to fully utilise my appliances and feed Oliver with fresh food! Oh yes..which reminds me, I will have his steamer cum blender to play with when he is ready for solids! Fun times ahead!!

For this weekend, I foresee lemon meringue tarts to use up the egg whites left over from making the ice cream, and brownies for Jamie.

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