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tomorrow is the start of the Phase 2C primary school registration. It’s the phase that Donald n I have been waiting for to register Oliver for primary school.

Gosh..has 6 years just passed?

Oliver had been excited about primary school. He would tell people that he was going to Yu Neng. Hahah. eh, 八字都没有一瞥leh. Anyhow tell people that.

But last Friday, he looked at me in all seriousness and said..

mummy, I don’t want to go to primary school’

Eh, that wasn’t what you have been saying wor. Are you a little afraid of going to primary school?

He nodded.

Primary school is big, he would have to make new friends. There were bigger responsibilities. More homework. I had been trying to prep him for it, having a bit more routine especially with learning. I had been slack. We had been winging it a lot. Kindy would probably feel more like a holiday compared to primary school.

Horrors of horrors, I realised that his Mandarin was damn terok too. He had forgotten how to write words he learnt last year! This cannot do! Can read, cannot write (basically the state Donald and I are in currently..hahahaha) is bad.

But we had a chat. I told him about the new stuff that he had been game to try despite it being his first time and he ended up liking it. Primary school would hopefully be similar. That there would be many firsts and he would try and hopefully like them.

As much as he is excited, I forget that primary school may seem daunting. I mean, you could technically speaking get lost in school, and Ollie is terrible at asking strangers for help or even ordering food. Like he can have a conversation with strangers, but get him to ask them for help at first, super fail siah. How leh like that?

We’re hoping the kiddo gets into the school we register for, and we’d be set for all the siblings.

New phase for this momma here, and a mad crazy year for me next year. Wish me luck

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