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everyone’s in bed. It’s only 10pm. I should be going to bed soon. So so tired after last night’s fiasco.

I thought I’d have a really easy night yesterday. Boys were asleep by 7pm cos they were exhausted running around in the evening. Dinner was an unearthly 4.30pm cos Ollie wanted food and I didn’t want to give him anymore sandwiches in case it screws up his dinner. But of course, things never happen the way you want it to happen eh? Not with kids involved obviously.

Ollie got woken up by his coughing. So off to give him his meds before putting him back to bed. That all got sorted in like 20 mins. All good. Then QT woke up. I was in the midst of work, and I really really really didn’t want to stop. I was in the groove man!! But boo, he was getting more and more alert, which was bad. And that bad lasted 2 hours from 11.30pm.

O.M.G. The slightest thing woke him up. I’d think he was asleep, held him for a little longer and attempt to put him in his cot. He would wake up the moment his body touched the cot. FML. Carried him by hand. Put him in the sling. Co-slept with him. Told Daddy Ting to hold him whilst I quickly tied up the loose ends. All these while..QT just got more and more awake. I caved and we co-slept. It was 1.30am. Urgh. Then I got woken up by Ollie whispering in my ear, saying he wanted breakfast. I think it was before 7am.

I got a shock tho, cos I thought QT was next to me AND I COULDN’T FIND HIM. I turned to look (okay, squint) into the cot and NO #foreverbaby there!! Turned to look around on our bed and found him snuggled next to Daddy Ting. Hahaha. WTH. I don’t even know how he ended up there. Long story short, I didn’t get to snooze much cos QT was crying for me. Then I pretty much died throughout the day.

I think I need a timetable for my life. Work, if I might call it, is piling up. There are so many things I need to finish, plan and get moving. I still get a lot of flexibility as a WAHM/SAHM, but most of the time, my brain is in overdrive, trying to work..well, everything out.

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Yeah, kinda like this.

I organised as I can be. But sometimes, I think I need a break on nights like this. *yawn* Brain is too effing tired to continue to even try and push myself to complete my tasks. Fortunately the sleeping fiasco took place after I attended the Nestle Cerelac media launch on Tuesday! Wah..dun think I can deal with two cranky kids and try to listen to what the speakers were talking about!

I need to tell myself that it is okay to be tired. It is okay to catnap during the day. I shall not be guilted into not spending time with the kids. Urgh. Damn you mummy guilt.

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