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I should probably be in bed now, else I will pay for it tomorrow when I head out with Ollie. But I am in a fairly nostalgic mood.

this sense of nostalgia was induced by a submission of a photo for a apartment gardening contest organised by National Parks Board. it brought back memories of the work I put into my garden when we were renting in Perth. I remembered when we first went to view the place, I was thinking “that’s some helluva tall grass”. The grass was very very very tall, above my knee tall. Heck, maybe even waist tall.

Then, I was excited at the thought of lawn-mowing. I mean, lawn mowing! I’d NEVER get to do that in Singapore. Donald wasn’t too excited about the task. Cos it meant extra cost at having to maintain the backyard, and possibly having to get a lawn mower, which we did when we got the place.

So….200 bucks for an electric lawn mower?? Not too excited. Donald saw a manual one which he thought was good enough, only because it would cost us 68 bucks. haha. Not good enough for our grass apparently, cos I think we broke it 2 hours later. It just wouldn’t cut. We returned the manual mower, and Donald decided that gardening shears was enough.

Hah. I remembered someone complaining of a sore back for DAYS. It was ALOT of grass to cut and to clear. *laugh*

And pavers. With the gardening project, I was an amateur brick paver. We scored off some free pavers and I used them to create little paths for me to walk amidst my plants, and to etch out little veggie patches. All nice, neat and tidy. Chipped nails, rough palms, dirt under the fingernails, blisters from pulling weeds. I was happy.

I would wake up each morning, draw up the blinds and stare at the garden. I would then take a walk, check out the veggies, and pinch a strawberry, or snack on some peas. I would grab a container, pick a container full of rocket for a colleague and head back in.

I love that lifestyle. How I would love for Oliver to have an opportunity at that. I have a small apartment gardening project going on, but it is slow going. I’ve got some roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, capsicum and some herbs going. It doesn’t matter that I am not using these herbs everyday, but it’s nice to know that they are just..there.

I told Donald recently after spending an arvo at a friend’s place, I wished that I could raise our kids in a house with a huge backyard for them to run around in. Not for the status of owning a house, but for our kids to have the space. And for that moment, I felt that I needed to do something to make that goal a reality.

My brain still hasn’t gotten a break from trying to figure out how to make that goal a reality. I was on the hunt on how to make additional income in order to make that possible. Was I then thinking about trading the time spent with Oliver, for what I assumed will be a better future for him? Wasn’t that what most people are doing in Singapore? Making more than ends meet so that their kids would have a better life? Does Oliver really need that space, or..does he need me more?


Donald did check out how much it would cost to own a decent estimated whopping S$2.5 mil. Yikes. Worse, I saw a place on the property websites, with something I would love, a rooftop terrace, and that house was S$2.95 mil. Double yikes. It would take us FOREVER to get that money (unless we win like the lottery or something).

Meh. I reckon there are enough free parks around for Oliver to experience greenery. Like the Marina Barrage. We’ll make do for now. =)

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