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of late, donald and i have been busy. the whole renovation works thing has died down a bit and things have come to a crawl. a brief respite from all the designing, budgeting and planning. well, not really the right time to slow down, considering it’s the GSS and we should be out there checking out prices and buying some stuff. (when does the GSS end btw??)

and the funny thing is that we are supposed to be making a decision about the contractors and interior designers by the end of the month. whee…oh joy.

of late, donald and i have been busy. donald’s taken up a secondary part time teaching job. he’s enjoying it, and it also means one less evening for us to spend time bumming around each other. i work a little later on those nights, since I’ve got nothing else to do at home anyways. like last night. i’m guessing it’s not that bad for him. if he’s got time to work late, and still watch World Cup, it can’t be that bad =P

and it also means extra shopping money for me, no? =P

of late, donald and i have been busy. we didn’t take the time to celebrate father’s day with my dad as well. we were waiting for my mom to come back from her exciting holiday in NZ, and we’d all go out together. so hopefully daddy understand *sheepish*

and i was waiting for my cookies too =P my precious, my Bryon Bay Cookies. mmMMM.

of late, donald and i..oh bugger. more like i’ve been getting busy at work. i’m learning so much more now, and i feel like i’m. dealing with exciting stuff. the colleagues who’ve been at it for the past 4 years or so might think otherwise, but i’m really enjoying it! Doing investigations, writing reports, handling foreign workers, learning about the law and the procedures. Heaps of research but learning on the go. I almost wish that I can keep at this forever. haha. I say almost because between this kind of work, and staying home to look after my child, I’d choose the latter.

and no, I’m not pregnant. it’s a choice that donald and i made before we got married. =) but that’s another 1.5 years away. save up a little more and we can talk about it.

of late, donald and i miss arguing with each other, only cos we’ve been busy. donald just said he wished  we had time to argue, at least it meant we were together. haha. we’ve been good lately, haven’t we? maybe it’s cos you’ve got World Cup to keep you occupied and I’ve got my magazines and baking to keep me occupied.

speaking of which, i baked Anzac cookies on Monday..and they were awesome. Oat-sy goodness. mmMM…I think I like them as monster cookies rather than smaller cookies. Recipe did say makes 24. I ended up with only 15. Bah. But monster 15 cookies. Simple to bake, and the kitchen smelt heavenly. up next on the list are pecan and chocolate chip cookies for dear Aziana, my smurf in the office. =P

off to have a decent high tea buffet at Merchant Court tomorrow, and then a walk to Fremantle Seafood Markets at Clarke Quay! how exciting!! Can’t wait to check out the alfonsino there. my favourite fish, mmM..that’s on the menu for dinner on Sunday if it’s available!

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