oliver does a bump

@ 5.5 months

so now we are hitting the bumping stage. Ollie has been moving. ALOT. and it’s quite a bizarre feeling. I remembered feeling a wee bit uncomfortable when he decided to be really active one day.

last Saturday, he started bumping, making the movement really visible externally. Donald had missed every movement until this morning. hahah. It was quite funny. I reckon Oliver knows that it’s a Saturday and that I would be quite happy for him to keep bumping till the cows come home. Donald said that the movements looked like a muscle twitch.

-_-” I think I’d know what a muscle twitch feels like thankyouverymuch. Hmph.

Donald watching for movement, and seeing some bumps: ” is that one?? and that one?? and that??”  hahah

earlier this week, we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary, in the laziest and most unglamorous style. we went to have prata in Tampines, went shopping at Tampines, spent a couple of hours at my paternal grandma’s place, went home to chill, and then head out to Turf City to overdose on seafood, all decked out in t-shirt, berms & slippers for the entire day. Oh of course throw in the wet weather.

but it was relaxing. and I didn’t want to go back to work the following day. =( *sigh* we’ll have many more the for rest of our lives =)




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