Ollie speaks

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These days, Ollie is starting to talk in almost complete sentences, using “I” & “me” appropriately, and verbalising his thoughts out, which results in quite random and funny statements from him.

I was in my room nursing QT and it was really quiet outside, except Ollie who seemed to be running a monologue to himself.

“Ollie! Can you drink some water please?”

“I cannot! I am reading!”

WTH. I walked out of the room to see Ollie surrounded by books and he was going through each of his mini board books one by one and verbalising what he saw on each page. He would then stack them one on top of each other when he was done.

“Ollie is reading soooo many books!” *look of amazement on his face*

Haha. He cracks me up these days. And amidst all the times it gets trying with him, he reminds me that he is still young and he needs my guidance. Ollie has stopped hitting QT and pretty much adores his younger brother now. I love sneaking up on the two of them and watch Ollie play with QT. And these moments only happen when I walk away from them. I would leave QT on the playmat and then Ollie would lie on his tummy, facing QT and they would have a moment together.

Ollie would tell QT not to chew on his fingers or take a towel to dab the saliva on QT’s face. If QT was lying facing up, Ollie would take his animal pieces and tell QT what animal he was holding. Or it could just be Ollie giggling next to QT and QT just cooing at his older brother.

And I love these moments. How could I not be so in love with the both of them? Motherhood is such a crazy thing. Best part yet?

*upon seeing either Donald or I* “It’s my mummy! / It’s my daddy!!” I totally live for moments like these. Toddler ownership, I’ll take it!

On another note, QT is flipping on his tummy and then on his back like a roti prata! Yaay! And he is..crawling like a worm, with the aid of saliva. ALOT of saliva. Which is gross. Urgh. Also note to self…not to say QT is flipping back & forth like a roti prata in front of Indian paed. I mean..what must she think of me??

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