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the moment


this photo was taken on one of the days when I took a day off to monitor the renovations back in December 2010. It was late, everyone had left, leaving just Donald and I. I was taking a break, sitting on a stool in the corridor leading to the bedrooms, and having a moment.

With the cove lights illuminating the living room, dining room and the kitchen partially, I felt really contented. It felt like home, really cosy. I felt that I could sit there and watch the areas forever. *grin* It was just awesome watching everything come together into this place we call home. The feeling was far out.

We officially moved in 21 December 2010. It was the best Christmas present from Donald ever, getting to move in before Christmas. We cleaned, unpacked, stocked up everything in two days, and then we had to go back to work after those two days. It was kinda insane. And then after work, we’d embark on a 40min journey back home, where we’d still start cleaning and tidying up the whole house.

To today. The past couple of weeks have been perfect, living in our own flat. Donald and I have been catching up with some tv programs, and some free channels we scored for a month as part of our cable subscription. It feels damn good to be able to watch any channel at any time.

Last night we had friends over for dinner for the first time. I put the bread machine to good use, after letting it take a break for almost a year. It churned out some pizza dough, and we used the pizza stone for the first time too (which was quite the experience!!). The oven has been put to good use too, I’ve missed having an oven to bake. What a difference it makes!

Donald got busy too, searching for the right mahjong table. Geez. He took WAY too long IMO. Justina arrived and gave me a hand with the macaroni and cheese. I reckon still not enough cheese. haha =P Of course we had desserts, and then a round of mahjong whilst Kenneth & Leon watched some tv.

It was awesome. I reckon even the boys had some fun with company. Definitely looking forward to many more of those!

Can’t believe we are almost 10 days into the new year. I can’t believe how time have flown, and that in a month’s time, I’d have been back in SG for a year. It’s been quite an eventful 2010. New job, new friends, new flat, renovations, moving in. I’ve been placed in situations that are out of my comfort zone, and I’m learning to deal with them. Guess it’s all part of the growing up process eh?

Other than that, can’t wait to fly through 2011. I reckon it’s gonna be bigger and better. For now, i gotta get down to cleaning some glass. Bah =P

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