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it of those days where whilst I was sitting with the boys in the living room, QT’s on the phone watching videos, and Ollie and I were playing this game on the iPad using the OSMO.

Chilling is a positive word. The negative counterpart to it would be unmotivated.

I looked around the floor, there were Duplo blocks coupled with train tracks in a heap. There were bread crumbs and dust on the floor. The breakfast countertop was in a mess from breakfast. There were groceries on the kitchen floor unpacked.

I was also unmotivated to cook lunch for QT. And then felt guilty that the kiddo will have to eat out again. We ate out for lunch yesterday cos I had to do a delivery, and his nap got pushed back, and I then had to deal with some bank & school thingamajig. I had a couple of ideas for dinner but I was just..


I then thought, let’s perk up, make a snack for the kids and then get Ollie ready for school!

Chucked some fries into the oven and then shared it with them when it was ready. And then Ollie spilled water on the floor when he dropped his water bottle. *sigh* He was attempting to drink from it whilst holding on to his fry. I chose not to yell at him, probably cause it wasn’t going to help the situation, and I wasn’t up for a yelling match. He followed my instructions to grab what we needed to clean up, and then it was all good.

And all I could also think up was what I needed to do whilst Ollie is at school and when QT naps. Obviously I have not done it, else I wouldn’t be typing this here. Hahaha.

Of course there are better things to focus in life than to worry about the household chores. But sometimes, somehow, cleaning up does provide me with some order in my life. It makes me feel like, something is right somewhere. Rather than letting something spiral out of hand. Nipping it in the bud. Stop the mess from spreading.

But there are days like this where I think..fuck it. I do really have better things to focus on in life than to worry about the damn household chores. Just..maybe later.

On another note, Daddy night-care started on Tuesday. We decided to shift QT into Ollie’s room, and get the boys used to sleeping in their own respective beds. This momma has had two nights of uninterrupted sleep (if you don’t count waking up from the 3-hour nap, i.e., 9pm – 12mdn, then staying away for 1 hour fml). Wah..quite shiok leh. But hahahaha, poor Daddy Ting had to squeeze in a single bed with 2 kids, cos Ollie crept back into his old bed to sleep with daddy Ting.

QT wasn’t giving Daddy Ting an easy time. First night, he thought it was a novelty. He did cry, and Daddy Ting did his best to soothe him. He was out in 30 mins! Second night, QT clung on to me as I tried to tell him good night and leave the room. He knew what was coming. He still cried but it took Daddy Ting a shorter time to put him to sleep. And each morning, QT would escape from his new room, to come back to my room to leap back into my arms, literally, with a gleeful ‘MAMA!’. #truestory aww shucks, I missed the little fella too!

But wah wah..2 nights away from me and suddenly this kid decided to be super independent?? He knows how to strip off his sleepsuit and tape diaper when he wakes up in the morning. But what threw me off was he took a fresh pull-up diaper and tried to put it on himself! He had some problems putting the second leg in, so I had to give him a hand. And then he proceeded to pull it all up by himself! SO DAMN PROUD!! Told him to go show Papa and he excitedly ran out of my room and went to look for Daddy Ting, before shouting ‘PAPA!!’ and proudly standing there, waiting for Daddy Ting to take notice.

So cute lah!!

Looks like the kids need to sleep together hahaha. I’m totally cool with that. I mean, I’m the one with the queen-sized bed allllll to myself. =P

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