one step two steps..five steps!

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more bed hair on #myforeverbaby

more bed hair on #myforeverbaby

so much for being #myforeverbaby.

the baby just started walking. Aiiiii. Okay lah, I have been dying for him to walk and now he is able to walk I should be happy right? Nooo, it just means my baby is growing up! His developments are totally not gradual. It’s just..BAM! hello, just watch me.

Pffffffpt. Thanks for the lack of warning hor.

This koala of mine is sibeh terrible leh. We had a bazaar today and of course he has to come along. My maternal grandma came along to help out at my request. It was awesome to have her around, cos I was then able to talk to customers whilst she entertained the koala. But the koala was having none of it! He terrorised her, being all squirmy and shit. WTH. She’s 86 lor..and he was squealing his head off at times, and wailing when he couldn’t see me. AND, during his lunch, I offered him his first mouthful and handed the rest of it to my grandma to feed. When she tried to feed him, he was also having none of it! He refused to eat anything she offered. Little shit.

But grandma took it all in stride. She took him for a walk when I was busy, she rocked him in the stroller, pushed him around, played with him, talked to him. <3 Seriously, I’m glad she is still alive to play with her to great-grandkids. =)

Speaking of the bazaar, this is the second one I have done so far this month and I love it! Logistically, it is insane, and the amount of manhours involved (hubby has to join me to help look after QT). But I love being able to talk to other moms and recommend the appropriate products to them, or just simply offer them a sample to try. Okay, as you can see I am somewhat socially deprived haha.

Totally exhausted after a long day today, but totally satisfied. I hope the business will grow well!

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