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it’s been a week since I last stopped working. So how has it been so far?

Things have been happening, and I have also been bored. In the span of one week, I have gone and seen a doctor about the pain in my left wrist, and a couple of days later, Ollie and I both came down with a cold. We are only just recovering. Yikes. So…basically not much adventuring done, just alot of snot and coughing. Kua kua.

Poor Ollie though. It started off as what we thought was him discovering the novelty of coughing, and just fake coughing to get our attention, to coughing really badly one early morning and him heaving his feed all over me. Doh. Well, looking on the bright side, I was in the midst of picking him up from his cot to our bed when he puked, so I guess I should be thankful I did not have to wash all the bedsheets in the middle of the night.

But apart from that, Oliver and I have been trying to settle into a routine, one that includes storytelling, singing of nursery rhymes and him trying to pick up new skills, lately being crawling. He obviously hasn’t developed the skill the crawl but he is so impatient with wanting to do so, and scarily I think he actually just managed to figure something out today. He used his knees and feet to try and push himself forward. Both my cousin Joyce & I just sorta looked at each other when he did it. How crazy is that??

Kids..they grow so fast these days.

I have been trying to keep myself occupied at home, on top of caring of Oliver. You know, do more productive things apart from household chores, and entertaining Oliver. Things like filing some recipes, menu planning, doing some re-arrangements to the house, plan our next adventure, teach Oliver to walk (just kidding..haha). Maybe self-learn a new skill (learn a new language). Something that makes me feel a little more useful than just being a mother to Oliver. However, usually all these extra stuff that I can do depends on whether I can separate myself from Oliver, or if time permits. Time does permits most of the time, but it becomes a matter of whether I want to embark on it, and whether the novelty is still there after I get interrupted and try to get back into it.

There are moments where Oliver is happy to lie on his playmat and entertain himself, giving me some moments to myself. I’d start doing some of my stuff, and then I would feel guilty about leaving him to be by himself, like I should always be entertaining him. Entertain him so that he is stimulated, he doesn’t feel neglected. At least that is what I think he might feel. I would be reading the news on the internet, and then I would feel guilty about leaving him to himself. Of course I would attend to him if he starts fussing/whinging, or crying. Donald reckons that it is fine for Oliver to entertain himself, and that if he is bored, he would let us know, very loudly no doubt. Donald does that very well, he is able to leave Oliver to his own to entertain and only attend to him when he whinges. I envy that. Maybe that’s the difference between the parental roles?

Yeah…I guess. And I would definitely welcome the idea of a bit more time on my hands. Just need to get over the guilt bit *hrm* We’ll see how this pans out eventually.

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