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a couple of months ago, just before I left for SG for the wedding, I was trying to get rid of some vegetables. So we had a bag of potatoes, that, well, were growing. So I chopped up pieces with ‘eyes’ on them and planted them.

I read up about growing potatoes and I learnt that you basically wait for the plant above to die, and then you dig out the potatoes. If any.

Just like it was with carrots, I was really curious at how potatoes were grown. oh the temptation. but I couldn’t. I wanted nice big potatoes..not tiny ones.

And then! an opportunity arose today. I’m guessing one of the friendly neighbourhood pets had landed on my potato patch and broke one of the plants. for once, i wasn’t annoyed with the cat. I eagerly rushed to dig the root up, so see what I’d find beneath.

I found cute baby potatoes!! The picture above shows 3 potatoes growing from one ‘eye’. Tempted to use them for a salad. Brings a new meaning to the term ‘baby potatoes’. But I didn’t. It went into the compost bin. haha.

but aww..so cute. I’ve got about another 4 plants left. hopefully they survive the summer!

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