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…is a sluggy day. I was so sleepy when I woke up at my usual time this morning. Slugged around the house, and then slugged-drive to work, slugged at the desk, and then still slugging away.

I didn’t really have a big day yesterday, but it was more than what I usually have during the day. =P Woke up about 1 hour later than usual, cos I was up talking to a crazy woman called Justina. I can’t believe we were laughing over the word “kachang puteh” (kachang = nut, puteh = white). It’s a term that we use to call a cone of nuts that people used to buy outside cinemas before popcorn came about. Kenneth reckoned it’s called kachang puteh cos of the sugared nuts that the kachang puteh guy sells. But yeah, for some reasons, when I talk to Donald, Kenneth and Justina about kachang puteh, it always cracks me up, and then we’d have the stupidest jokes about kachang puteh. hahahaha.

Spent the morning doing some work, and then watching some shows, eating rubbish food for lunch (sugared toast with chocolate on it), cleaned the house a little, made some calls, showered and then headed out for dinner with Rachel, Dan & Daisy at Wagamama’s. The food wasn’t fantastic, but it sure beats me cooking for one at home. After dinner, they headed off to watch the fireworks whilst I went off to Liza’s house to chill with Liza and Jonno.

And chill we did. Goodness, we talked from 7pm, and I think we only left Liza’s place at 10.30pm.

Then I went home, showered and died till this morning. haha. Got a fairly full week really. Haven’t had one of these for a really long time. Dinner with Rachel & Daisy at Cottesloe tonight, picking picnic/bbq spots tmrw evening with Jonno, chill on Friday night, vet visit for the boys with Liza & her cats on Saturday, maybe Tash’s farewell Sat arvo, more pack-ups on Sunday.

It’s making time fly really quickly!! 2 more weeks! hehe *beams* =P

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