post-holiday withdrawal

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starry night.

On our 2nd night home, I asked Donald:Me: Are you having any holiday withdrawal symptoms?
Donald: I am actually.
Me: it actually felt like a really long dream being away, and then I woke up and just jumped right back into normalcy. But I keep thinking about the things we did in Aus.

When the holiday was too damn good, it is really hard to get out of the holiday mood.

I had my reservations before we left. How the kids would be like on the flight, in transit, long car rides and being out there close to nature, less of the touristy stuff.

exploring the tide pool

I worried in vain. I was surprised at how well the kids took to where we went, Oliver’s wide eyed wonder, Quentin being game at trying anything and..Sarah’s ability to eat almost anything hahahaha. They did really really well on the long car rides.

I cannot be more proud of them.

It was awesome being able to share with the kids the places we went to, explore the new areas Donald and I didn’t do when we were in Tasmania, and creating new memories with our family. We were pretty chill on most days except for days where there was a schedule we had to meet like ferry and tour timings. We didn’t really sweat about not being able to go to certain places, or switching the itinerary around cos of weather. The familiarity with the place definitely helped a lot more, and I think it will be one of the key reasons for places to travel when the kids are still young.

monster dandelion

We relaxed more in Melbourne with friends, allow the kids to have more play time. We didn’t care for going around in Melbourne cos we weren’t too familiar with the place. We spent more time with friends, meeting up and letting the kids play together at playgrounds.

It was a really good break. It definitely gave us a taste of travelling with the kids and a craving for more!

slides at the Royal Park Nature Play Playground


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