pushing boundaries

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keeping the brat entertained

keeping the brat entertained

Ollie has been pushing more than just boundaries. OMFG. It’s almost like he has a case of delayed terrible twos.

Revisting the “I’m listening! I’m listening!” except he follows that up with a cheeky smile. Like “I’m so totally getting away with this” look. Urgh. It got tiring. It was tiring to hear him say that he is listening and yet forget it 1 hour later. It would get to the point of shoving the toy in my hands to tell me to keep it when I threatened to confiscate it.

Yup. Trumph card phish. Poof! Gone with the wind.

We kept the toys (only left with QT’s toys). I banned him from having the TV, and he hasn’t had the mobile devices for a couple of weeks now. And..*groan* it’s the school holidays. Yup. He is banned from going out. So it’s the 3 of us at home. *sadface. But guess what? It didn’t faze him AT ALL. And he persisted in his behaviour.

*breathes in and out rapidly* Seriously blood boil.

And I snapped. I had it with him. Stood him in front of me and I scolded him. He burst into tears at first yell. To give him credit, like seriously, he maintained eye contact. Previously he would cover his ears and close his eyes. We don’t do this serious scolding thing very often. This is probably the 3rd time I have given him a dressing down. But there were a lot of raised voicing out involved. A lot about his behaviour and his reactions. About how he is a part of the family and he needs to do his share.

The saving grace? *sigh* QT. QT was wandering around us whilst I was doing the yelling and he came over to stand in front of his brother. He jumped when I yelled loudly again but he didn’t cry like he usually would. QT cannot speak yet but he is able to make noises in the appropriate tone to get his point across. And he made a noise in a quizzical tone, whilst looking at me.

didi..is not a big fan of heights. But is happy to climb sofas. Go figure

didi..is not a big fan of heights. But is happy to climb sofas. Go figure

Yar, mummy is scolding kor kor. You don’t kaypoh!”

He then turned around to look at his brother, and reached out his finger, gingerly touching the tears on his brother’s face. He then turned back to me, showing me his wet finger.

“Yes, that is tears. Kor kor is crying. Because he is naughty!” 

He turned back to his brother again, using his hand to touch the tears on his brother’s face again, then made another quizzical noise to his brother, as though saying “don’t cry”. 

Sometimes I think I underestimate the younger one. He can’t speak but he understands what we are saying. And he seems to know some 恺 is required at the right time. haha. I tone down the scolding to a sobbing Ollie, and we had a hug. Much later I asked him if he loved me.

Do you love mummy?”

No I don’t. I love daddy, poh poh, kong kong, mama, yeye and didi. And I love you.” Whaaat..mummy and you not the same meh.

I’m sorry mummy. don’t be angry lah.” WTH. This guy has been using a lot of Singlish lately and is used correctly one lor. I think Donald and I have been using too much Singlish. Hahah. Just earlier he told Donald this, “nono, don’t feed me. You feed didi lah.” 

…… brat. We’ll see how it pans out for the rest of the week. Never thought I would say this but I can’t wait for the school holidays to be over!!!


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