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2nd mth Perth wedding anniversary!

eh, we haven’t quite decided which date we should stick to. 2 occasions in a span of 3 days = not very good on the pocket. *laugh* but it came and went. for now, it’s a novelty. we’ll see how it’s like a year later for both days =P

kenneth was in town recently, and we went out for a meal at Sandalford Wines in the Swan Valley, with our Entertainment Book in tow. We got there a little early for lunch, so we ended up browsing in their shop.

We had:
an entree – Calamari Stuffed with Saffron & Chorizo Risotto, Black Olive & Parsley Salad, Lemon Vincotto

3 main courses –
1) Free Range Crispy Skinned Pork Belly, Maple Syrup, Glazed Butternut Pumpkin, Celeriac Remoulade, Whipped Goats Curd
2) Orange & Star Anise Braised Duck Leg, Grilled Truffled White Polenta, Savoy Cabbage, Citrus Salad, Lavender Honey and;
3) Grilled Goldband Snapper, Root Vegetable Pave, Confit Fennel, Olive Cheeks, Rocket Sauce 

and a side dish of hand-cut chips with aioli.

Can’t believe we skipped out on the dessert! >:O Ah wells, we were too stuffed anyways. Headed back to the city for some shopping, and looking around at juicers and frying pans *inno* Kenneth had us on a hunt looking for a shop that had a Havianas sale. He found the shop, but they didn’t have the slipper that he wanted. Spotted some really cute studs for the Havianas and bought one for Ken for Xmas. hahaha. $8 Xmas present. =P

Trying to get Kenneth to fly to over on Xmas day so that we can go queue for the Boxing Day sale. I’ll settle for the 27th I guess. BAH. haha. He’s bringing extra luggage to lug all sorts of rubbish home. =P Can’t WAIT!

Just like that, the weekend’s almost over. Back to a normal work week again! I think a 5 day work week and 2 days for the weekend is just perfect. Might not think so if I was anywhere else but Perth. haha, but we’ll see. =D

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