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this week, I thought I’d get a little pro-active and start reading up on what I don’t know re: babies.

I had always thought that I would cross the bridge when things happen. Afterall, people were always telling me “do what you feel comfortable with”. Well, most of them anyways (the new mothers especially!).

Then recently, I started to get a little fuddled. It’s a bit like you know something for a fact, but you can’t help feeling differently about it.  Try like knowing very well that the breast is constantly producing milk, but somehow I feel that Oliver will probably feel fuller if the breasts feel fuller.


So anyhoos, recent books I have been reading are related to breastfeeding, monthly developments in babies, and sleep for babies. Turns out that I will probably end up not reading the book on sleep for babies after I read the book on breastfeeding. Doh. Only cause I was pretty comfortable with a concept/principle that the breastfeeding book mentioned about sleep that I felt that I didn’t need to proceed further. It basically affirmed that I could continue what I was doing with Oliver.

Oliver is currently being nursed to sleep most of the time when he is with me. Only other times when he doesn’t nurse to sleep is when he is in his Manduca carrier. The walking will pretty much lull him to sleep. To a certain extent, I would have some mini issues with him nursing to sleep, namely him not getting out of the habit when he grows older, or I can’t put him at my parents’ place and go off on a short trip with Donald cos Oliver will need to nurse to sleep. I know that he will wean off when he is ready, but the question was when?

The book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, by the Le Leche League, basically said to treat nursing as a step in the child’s growth, just like crawling and walking. When he is ready, he will wean off his own. When he is having more solids, he may wean it off on his own. And that nursing is always a safe haven for the child, something that can comfort him when something’s not right (an illness, or scare).

Now, on that basis, why would I want to deprive my child of the safe haven (and antibodies!) I guess? For that, I think I am happy for him to keep nursing till he is ready to be independent. I am glad to have that luxury as a SAHM.

the growing little man

my little man never fails to amaze me at this point in time. he is sooo cheeky with his smiles. the speed at which he is currently growing at is alarming. I wish I could say stop growing, but unfortunately, growing is part and parcel of his life. It’s just pretty amazing to see him wobble when he started sitting up a month ago, to this stage where is sitting up steadily, and enjoying his solids. His eagerness to move on to the next milestone is pretty cute. He’s actually happy to go through the face-planting (on his rubber playmat) to get to the item he wants (cos he can’t crawl), and to roll all over his playmat. Had to remove the jungle gym as the poles get in his way.

Forgive me if I gush about my child in every entry. Haha. First time mother, you see. When we have our next child (goodness knows when), I wouldn’t be gushing so much. *grin*

Now, to wait for him to crawl and to grow teeth.

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