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It’s been 5 months since I became a SAHM. and it hasn’t been a walk in the park.

Both Donald and I have very distinctive roles to play in our household, despite my attempts to reduce the gap. I had hoped that Oliver would see both of us as equals, both people he can seek the same thing from. Who was I kidding man..I spend so much time with him obviously I was more than just a playmate to him.

I am his comforter, food, playmate and slave thank you very much.

Donald has been fairly busy these days. Busy with work, and other stuff. All hush hush for now. Anyways, it is a tad trying for me especially when I see him as being able to do his thing without getting interrupted by Ollie whilst I don’t get the opportunity to do so. It really is a matter of perception, and is one that I try very hard to achieve at the lowest point of my day.

As a SAHM, I am fortunate that I do not have a limit to what I can do or spend on. I meet up with D fairly regularly for shopping trips, a meal and a coffee. That easily works out to be about $30, or more with purchases.

Sometimes, I think the focus is so much on the caregiver and the child that we forget about the other who silently takes a backseat and has been supporting the caregiver. I am not one who is a big fan of delayed gratification nor able to see things in a long run. I am the brash and impatient CEO of the household. The CFO (that’s what I refer him as when insurance agents approach me haha) on the other hand is able to do what I cannot, and is basically looking for ways and means to provide for his family to live comfortably.

Sure, the SAHM faces the challenges of raising the child appropriately, ensuring the house is in a livable condition…ironing her man’s clothes no matter how much she hates it as well…haha. It is a tiring job. The WOD (Work Outside Dad©) faces the challenge of bringing home the dough and still be a dad when he comes home, and still be a husband after the child goes to sleep. He works just as hard as I do on a different level.

Running a home is hardwork. You still sleep late, there is no monetary rewards, the rewards are intangible and you work so hard for it to be a home. But the intangible rewards are priceless (i.e., a cheeky smile from Ollie; Donald & I sharing a laugh) and I wouldn’t give it up for anything else in the world. Just put your heart into it, the home becomes where the heart is.

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