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Today, I close another chapter of my life, and start a new one: being a stay at home mom (SAHM).

I realized that it is one thing to say it, and another thing to be actually be one. I went to work yesterday, tendered my resignation and stepped out of the office premises for the last time. I couldn’t bear to leave home to go to work. Oliver was looking at me, with no clue that I was going to be away from him for the day. He was happily grinning as he does every morning when he wakes up.

Time flew quickly. I admit it felt good to be amongst adults again. I was having adult conversations, although some of the conversations revolved around kids, but yes, I was speaking in proper sentences. I even did some adult work! haha. It made me feel..a little more intelligent and useful. Soon I went around the office, saying my goodbyes. It was tough. I had really good times in this company.

This morning, when I woke up, things felt a little different.

When I was on maternity leave, I woke up each morning feeling like it was a holiday. A paid one. I was still receiving a salary and had the pleasure of spending every single waking moment with Oliver. Today, our family was embarking on a journey where we would be a single income family. Donald and I had discussed about our finances and caring for Oliver. It was a supported decision and we never looked back at that decision. It would be a little scary initially, wondering if this would all work out for us, but I believe that no money could make up for what I would lose out in watching Oliver grow. Being away from Oliver for one day yesterday affirmed it.

On Sunday, Oliver suddenly decided that it would be the day that he would be able to turn from his back onto his tummy. He had been trying for the past couple of weeks with no success. He could not figure out how to get over his arms. Donald and I would guide him to turn over a couple of times a day, to get him used to the feeling. When he did it, I had goosebumps. My baby had just hit another milestone in his development! I called out for Donald, and I was not expecting a repeated performance. But Oliver repeated it, and repeated it again for the rest of the afternoon. He would still need some “crunches” to get over, but he was so ready with turning.

And what I missed out yesterday was him turning and turning with more ease. He didn’t need crunches anymore. He just turned. Just like that *snaps fingers*. In one day. Today, I had to keep watching out for him turning on his playmat. He is one sneeeaaaaky fella. I just got busier, between watching out for him, playing & singing to him, and his 30 min naps.

Not every family has the luxury of having a SAHM. I am truly fortunate that my husband supports my decision to do so. So..look out, Oliver & I will be starting some mad adventures and will be going places. =)

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