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After being stuck at home for close to a month with no meet ups, I was definitely making it up by meeting up with friends this month. Lunches, high teas and what nots. It was good to get out. Although it is killing my back a little. Urgh. Because of days like this…

oof. my poor back

oof. my poor back

And that was just to get Ollie out of the house because I needed to buy rice. Oh wait till you hear about how the lift was out of order when I got out of the house and how it was miraculously worked after I walked up a flight of stairs back to my apartment, in the same way as in the photo. FML. Thankfully it doesn’t happen that often. I mean having to carry two kids on me. Haha.

QT is gaining weight very well. He is almost 9kg. It is putting a fair bit of strain on my back and arms. He is not one happy camper to sit in the carrier if I am seated and he’d rather be carried in my arms than be in the carrier if I am out with him alone, or sometimes at home. Helloooo extreme biceps.

Anyhoos, the last two outings..have got me thinking about a couple of stuff. That and buying Ollie’s school uniform on Monday. It was a family event. All four of us. And I saw my toddler in his school uniform.

*bawl* my baby’s going to school! 

It sparked off a convo between my friend and I about the type of schools we would send our kids to. Schools are somewhat tricky business in Singapore. I think 90% of our schools are public, and then out of these schools, you have the branded schools, clan affiliated schools, religious affiliated schools, neighbourhood schools, etc. And how parents view schools as the “right” type of school socially. And then the type of teachers, the type of students..etc etc.

I don’t want to send Ollie to a school which will place unnecessary stress on him (focus on grades, enrichment classes..etc). I had enough of that when I was a kid, enough to not like it and not want to impose on him. Donald and I had a discussion on how we would know if our kids are the genuine “trying my best” vs lazy “trying my best”. Haha. Tricky huh? And Ollie can make friends with anyone he likes! (as long as no bad influence hor..). Why restrict him??

Good grief. Ollie is only going to pre-nursery and we are thinking that far ahead. WTH.

But the convo I had with my friend was interesting. I have been so out of the schooling loop, that the schools I attended that were the top 10 schools in SG during their heyday, have now dropped in ranking. Kuakua. So much for 名校. 

And then another lunch with fellow SAHM, J, also got me thinking about appearances. Mind you, she dresses really well and when I stand next to her, I am damn super lok kok lor. J dresses up like she’s going out with friends, wears a nice top, wears nice shoes, bring nice bag.

Me leh? Same ole spaghetti nursing top (I have 3 of each in the same colour), shorts, slippers and whatever diaper bag I can grab. I’m all for convenience and comfort. Not saying that most of my clothes are uncomfortable..but hor, when you are lugging two kids around, and sweating buckets whilst walking to the train station, the last thing I want to think about is if I have sweat marks under my armpits, or why is my top riding up above my muffin-top.

Effort: 0.

But I have been thinking about it. Maybe I should put in more effort. But sooo hard! Not when I am so used to the freedom I have in feeding QT on the go in those nursing tops. How to match those nursing tops?? I think the best I can do is pants, shoes and hair. But cos we walk to the train station, the sweaty feeling of having your pants stick to the back of your legs…urgh.

Okay, I sweat a lot and I have skin less is best. I really do admire those mummies who dress so well when they go out with baby in tow. Dresses, make-up, accessories! 你真行!

Aunty 就是 aunty. Maybe when the kids are older lah. Must keep up with apperances when their classmates start seeing me. Good grief.


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