some days: the husband

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some days, the husband shits me. In a good and bad way.

Like today, we were heading out for a little girl’s birthday party and..well, as it was on his side of the family, he was responsible for wrapping the present. He had asked if he could grab a sheet of cushioned envelope to wrap it. I said, of course!

What’s the cushioned envelope you ask? It’s the type you used to wrap glassware, a little like sheets of polystyrene.

Donald had wrapped it up and decided that THAT was the wrapping paper. *sigh* Men.

He teases me by deliberating saying the most annoying things that pushes the wrong buttons, making me defensive about how I manage the kids, or how I spend my time. Or does the most INANE thing when we are in a rush and heading out, like deciding he needs to boil water, or swiff the floor. WTH.

OR ask me why I’m taking so long when he was ready eons ago. YAR, cos I’ve been busy packing the diaper bag, and prepping stuff whilst you are there cutting your nails you know?!?

But we can haz the funnies. Like how my back was hurting me so much that I couldn’t really walk and you still made me laugh. Which in turn made my back hurt more and I had to tell you to stop making me laugh. Wish I could remember what it was that you said. My memory fails me these days. Bleh.

13 more days to till the end of the year. What will the new year bring? What kind of days will we have?

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