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look, like every mom out there who think their child is cute, I think Oliver is cute too. And of course, I think that Oliver is cuter than any other kid out there as well. haha. *anticipates some bashing* I mean, there are cute kids too…so. anyways.

a couple of moons back, when Ollie was a few months old, I had this fear that Oliver would be kidnapped. Sounds paranoid eh? It sparked off when Ollie and I were on a walk to my parents place. There was this elderly lady walking slowly in front of us, and in time, we caught up with her. Then she started talking to me about how much hair Ollie has, how cute he is, and that we were out for a walk..blah blah. And she went on in a louder voice even after we had walked past her.

It was also the time when Donald and I were singing nursery rhymes to Oliver, with “Polly Put the Kettle on” being one of them. After we walked past the elderly lady, I changed the lyrics somewhat and sang to Oliver:

Polly put the kettle on
Polly put the kettle on
Polly put the kettle on
We’ll all have tea

Crazy woman looking at you
People want to kidnap you
Crazy woman looking at you
We’ll all run away

Anyways, I digress. Alot. The peeve is about..strangers thinking your child is cute. How can that be a peeve, you say. It is not a big peeve, just a mini one. But still a peeve. At the risk of sounding arrogant, here goes.

These strangers are the ones whom you meet on the street, in the bus, in the lift, on the train, at the store, at the cafe, at the supermarket, at the wet market (especially the wet market, argh). I’m happy for them to smile at him, say how cute he is, how much hair he has, how long his lashes are, how he is so smiley and is smiling at them (yes, Ollie smiles at anyone who smiles at him).

For the aunty who plays with him by making faces on the journey home in the train, I appreciate that alot, cos it keeps Oliver from fussing especially when he is strapped into the baby carrier.


I somewhat draw the line at them pinching his cheeks, stroking his face, and touching his hands. Seriously. Cos I do not know where their hands have been. Fussy & paranoid much? Yes. Annoyed? A fair bit cos I don’t know how to say “no, back off.”

I mean, I don’t know you. I don’t even do that to other people’s kids. You might as well as to carry Oliver and offer to babysit him *grumbles* -_-”

Just last morning, I almost baulked when the butcher’s wife touched Ollie’s feet whilst going on about what kind of food I should be feeding him and how if I should dilute formula milk for him..blah blah. Thank god he was still in his sleep-suit, which meant toes are covered! You handle raw meat for pete’s sake..*sigh*

A fellow mom & friend, Di, and I were having a go at how if our kids were fussing and crying whilst in the train, the first to give us looks are the aunties (read: over 50s) and then they start discussing amongst themselves why the kid was crying, before dishing out advice to us about what we should do to soothe him. The first and last time it happened to me, I walked out of the train at the next stop. Gaah. That was me being inexperienced. Now I know better. I nurse him in the train, and they avoid looking over.


This whole entry sparked off with another incident this afternoon where a salesperson was telling me how Ollie looked over when she made a noise with a bag of chips. Yes I know a bag of chips making crinkly noises that would interest a baby. And yes, he is smiling at you (albeit a little reluctantly). And why are you showing off to your colleague how you are making him smile and being so smug about it??

Geeeez. (she did look a little scary with all that thick make up on).

Sigh. Look I’m not for bubble-wrapping my child and being that protective over him. But..just wish that there were some boundaries and respect for the mom!

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