special keys

in 12 hours time, we should be on our way to a place to collect keys.

a very very special set of keys. keys that are going to change our lives altogether, drastically for the next two months. and then for the rest of our lives. forever. =D

it’ll be a proper handover tomorrow, transferring the electricity/water account, going shopping for decent cutlery. and then chill for the rest of the day, until it hits us.

that the flat is finally ours. and that we are homeowners. and how we are going to be financially responsible for the rest of our lives too. *sigh* =P oh the mortgages..

renovation works will officially start on Tuesday. for now, it’s alot of meetings over the weekend with other suppliers (e.g., wardrobe guy, air-conditioning guy..etc). and I can’t wait! can’t wait for the final result at the end of 2 months.

what a year. *phew* stay tuned for photos soon!

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