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Ever since I weaned QT off breastfeeding, my weight has gone all haywire. Darn. And erm, so has my diet.

And ever since the boys started sleeping at 7pm, my meals go even all haywire. No thanks to snacking with them whilst they have their dinner, and then being too full to eat my own dinner, to eat supper at 9pm cos I was starving from no dinner.

I’ve been wanting to clean up my act a little more. Eat healthier (hey, I just snacked on a slice of apple!), do some exercise rather than saying that I walk and babywear the kids so often plus I do all the household chores. that that is all the exercise I need! I mean, seriously, have you checked out my biceps from carrying the 10.7kg #foreverbaby?

But the change had to start today. My bones and body were feeling it. I was running A LOT of errands last week, and walking and babywearing a lot. Some times even tandem carrying the boys. Don’t get me wrong, I love carrying the boys, but I think my body is taking a beating. My back was so sore by Friday, and my knees and ankles hurt. It was sore even squatting or kneeling. Fml. I almost wished I was seeing the chiropractor last weekend. I told the hubby to give me some me-time on Saturday to run some errands without the kids.

tandem wearing the kids

tandem wearing the kids It honestly has been a while where I had been able to walk in my own weight. Not 65kg plus 10.7kg plus 2kg diaper bag plus the occasional 13.5kg. The not so good news? My knees and ankles were still sore. Bah.

So..I had been thinking about trying Zumba. I saw it involved dance moves and I like dancing! I showed the hubby, and he was all for ME to do it in front of him, not together with him. -_-” WTH. But I also paiseh. This kind of dancing exercise, better to do solo. Hahahaha.

Image Credit: Zumba Fitness Inc

Image Credit: Zumba Fitness Inc

I found a decent beginners video on youtube (by decent, I mean 15 mins), and decided to give it a shot just before putting the #foreverbaby to nap. Step by Step Zumba for Beginners. Step by step wor!! Cannot go wrong right? Plus it had the words lose belly fat” in its description. I WAS SOLD.

Well..have you seen a whale doing belly dancing? That was probably how I felt. I was so awkward with all the moves! TMD, don’t even know if I was doing it correctly. But hey, I was sweating, so I should be doing something correctly right? Probably the marching on the spot part. Hahahaha.

I’m gonna be giving this a shot for a while. Let’s see if it really works and I see some results. Of course with proper diet lah. But..the hubby’s aunt just gave us a pack of Kit Kats and I still have 2 Krispy Kremes sitting in the fridge…looks like I have to sacrifice myself for the next couple of days. *sigh* Things I have to do. Don’t waste food mah. =P

On the bright side, my backache seemed to have gone away for now! Probably because my non-existent abs are starting to hurt…fml. Then the next thing I need will not be zumba, but Zambuk.

Zambuk ointment

Zambuk ointment

On another note..QT has been really into my jelly belly lately. He would bury his face into my belly, grab it by the rolls and wobble it, or just rest his head on it, rub it or even patting it. And all this done in love. The look in his face is a look of content lor.

仔啊仔, you will make some woman very happy next time.


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