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water dragon baby

water dragon baby

thanks to D, the 3 of us had an opportunity to have a double-date staycation with the Lims at Festive Hotel at RWS. Checked in at about 2pm, dumped the luggage in the room, got the boys changed and it was off to the pool! Perfect weather for the boys to play.

It was a bonus that we had the baby pool, or rather most of the pool to ourselves. The baby pool was 0.5m, and it was a chance for Ollie to stand in the pool! He wasn’t too happy with it and opted to stand on his papa’s lap. There was also a water play area where there were pipes spraying out water. He had a little venture and was curious about the water coming out from the ground. Ohh the ability to walk sure brings about heaps of discovery.

I reckon he had heaps of fun. He was rolling around on the bed, had great fun with E who was pretty excited to have Ollie around and was constantly giving “Owwy” hugs. Aww. But I can already foresee the trouble that both of them are going to get into once Ollie can run around. This trip was a first for Ollie to have an opportunity to spend more time on the ground than in our arms. Think he is getting pretty used to having shoes on.

*sigh* And tonight is the night Ollie sleeps in his own room. Despite me being the one insistent on moving him out of our room, I am the one “suffering” from separation anxiety. I miss him already!! Argh. Sure, Donald and I will be spending the next couple of nights in his room to see how he is adjusting. Or it could just be a case of us wanting to have Oliver around us haha.

=( Right, we will see how this progresses. My baby is growing up to be a big boy! *super emo*

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