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t-minus 70 mornings - cloudy sunrise (16 Nov'11)

have been doing a mini countdown to Oliver’s arrival by taking daily photos of that morning’s sunrise, and if possible, the setting moon. This is only made possible when I’m on the bike. It’ll probaby stop somewhere late Dec cos I’ll be grabbing a lift in a car..and well, I don’t think I’ll get decent photos.

We are officially at 30 weeks. Fetal activity is going mad. Sometimes it’s funny, watching the tummy wobble (like the jelly in Jurassic Park when the dinosaur stomps around). Sometimes it’s awkward only because I don’t know what to make of the feeling. There are mornings when the moving around gives me a panic attack at what’s about to come. I mean, we are going to be responsible for this little person called Oliver. Yikes.

We are up for another detailed scan on the 30th, where the ultrasound will be of higher resolution, and we’d be able to see the little feet, little fingers, etc. I can’t wait for that one. heh.

Apart from that, 69 more mornings to go. double yikes.

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