taking a short break

On the business side, things were quiet. But I’m thankful for this short break, allowing me to catch up on work, chores and even baking bread. Phwoar. It’s been a looong time since I baked bread.

It was the week of our 8th wedding anniversary. 

The short break that allowed me to spend decent quality time with Donald. On 20th Sept, we opted for a simple lunch at the mall nearby, and an Itacho dinner at home, delivered by Deliveroo. The boys were happy with the food and I had my time with my husband.

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On 21st, since the boys were staying overnight at my in-laws, I figured I could bake some bread for breakfast. Made enough 湯種 to do 3 types of bread. It took so much time that I ended up doing only 2 types of bread, about 2 loaves each. Made some of the wholemeal dough into little buns for the boys and they loved it (only cos I put a chocolate-caramel chip inside each of the buns. WTH).

I was going to use the remaining 湯種 to make sausage rolls for the boys..but I couldn’t *sigh* I walked into Sheng Siong and had a look at the processed sausages. Saw the ingredients and I couldn’t bear to be the one making them those rolls. Argh. SO.much.preservatives and goodness knows what ingredients. WTH.

Sorry boys. You just have to stick with the milk bread.

It was also the week where there was gifting from two groups of relatives as they prepared for their wedding this month and in November.

We have 3 family weddings to attend for the rest of the year! The boys have been ‘booked’ to open car door, walk down the aisle holding Sarah’s hands (good luck with that one), and to also jump on a bed.

Hahaha I told the relative that the last time the boys jumped on a newly-wed cousin’s bed, they got pregnant 2 months later. So..how long did they want the boys to jump? hahahha

It was also the week we celebrated my maternal grandma’s 88th birthday. 

It was always good to have a reason to celebrate and also have family all gather together. I don’t know about you, but I love family gatherings. I love my grandmas (both paternal and maternal) and am really glad they have an opportunity to see my kids grow up.

But they are getting old. My paternal grandma will be 96 next year. Pretty crazy huh. I wonder if I will live that long.

Breaks are also addictive. I can’t wait for my next break! haha. I have already made a promise to myself that I will get to travel solo when Sarah goes to pre-nursery. But seriously, high chance that I’ll end up taking one kid along with me (cos I don’t trust the husband with 3 and it’ll reduce the mummy guilt from leaving all the kids at home! hahahah).

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