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it’s been awhile since I last wrong about the boys. the two non-human furry ones in my house.

I think they have had a rough past 6 months..getting attention to practically being ignored ever since the arrival of Oliver. They still get fed, and once in a blue moon when Ollie is not being fussy, I give Thomas a shower. Still WAY too dangerous to shower Marcus alone on my own. I’ve got battle scars to prove it! haha

Well, guess the boys are adapting to the addition to the family, and Oliver has taken a massive interest in the boys ever since he could crawl. I have occasionally carried Oliver in front of the boys and guided his hand to give them a pet or stroke. It is quite funny to watch their reactions (both human and non-humans).

But lately, I have been noticing something, which I thought was really sweet. Marcus has seemed to grown quite attached to Oliver. I first noticed it when Marcus was always around when Oliver was alone. He would actually meow outside our bedroom door when Oliver was crying. He would also sit outside of Oliver’s play yard after I have put him inside and go off to do my chores.

For that, daddy Ting has decided not to kill off Marcus. *roll eyes* Now the fat slob of a cat, Thomas, on the other hand….sigh.

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