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on Tuesday, Donald had to work late, so I thought I’d spend some time at the shops, doing some window shopping and getting my food magazines.

and of course the Jay Chou concert dvd. This dvd is the recording of the Jay Chou “The Era” concert in Taiwan. The concert that a group of friends and I went to catch when Jay was in Singapore last July. It was my first concert, and Jay’s celebration of 10 years in the music industry. Of course I was going to get the dvd as a souvenir.

The problem was getting the dvd that cost S$65, or the S$25. It should have been a no brainer right? Of course get the S$25 dvd la, sez Donald. Took me about 15 mins before I decided that I’d get the S$65 limited edition. Bah. And I just spent 2 hours watching the concert dvd with Donald, where it took me back to the concert. Did send my heart racing alllllll over again.

Oh Jay…only you can do that. *dreamy sigh* =P

the lunar new year has been fairly quiet, only cos Donald and I sorta made it so. We crammed all our visitations in the first day, so that we’d have the rest of the holidays free. Whee! But it was quite a decent first day, quality time spent with family, and still trying to work out the family visitations. Traditions..traditions, traditions. oh and the pigging out on chocolate and more chocolate…*drool*

Been catching up on sleep, and doing some errands around the house. I’m quite stoked to see the herbs growing well in their pots. Gotta do something about the oregano tho =( I’ve finally got approval from Donald to leave the pots in the kitchen so that I’ve access to fresh herbs easily when I need them. At this point, I’ve got successfully growing into seedlings:

1) Sage
2) Italian parsley
3) Thyme

I’ve got basil from cuttings so it’s gonna be interesting how it’s gonna continue growing. Will probably go grab a bookshelf from my dad later for the pots to be placed outside the house. *beams* Wonders if I could start selling these herbs. Cos I haven’t seen any place selling these herbs! Anyone interested? haha.

Another 2 days before having to head back to work, and I get to go shopping tomorrow. Probably window shopping again, though there are some items that we need to get for the house.

alrighty, off to prep dinner, and have meal plan for the week!

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