the ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend

last week, it happened. the ex-boyfriend got himself a new girlfriend.

I mean, he is my ex-boyfriend. Why should I care whether he got a new girlfriend or not right? Fortunately or unfortunately, I was involved in it. I was the one who hooked them up together.

And I had to take photos of his new girlfriend when I met her too! Like WTH. My ex sure got zero EQ. AND she is underaged. Here, let me show you her photo.

under-18, better cover eyes

under-18, better cover eyes


Yup. This little girl decided to make her entry into the world on Mid-Autumn’s day. I had the most relaxed delivery ever (hello, 3rd kid, should be okay right?) and my ex-boyfriend, now husband (haha), left the delivery room stress-free and looking forward to spending time with the little one!

Say hello to Sarah Ting. #itsagirlyting

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