the forever baby

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my forever baby

oi, supposedly zen baby. Sorry, mama’s quite late with this post to you. Especially now that you are already 1y1w old. Or if we count March 15 to be your actual birthday..then technically speaking, I’m still early! =)

okok, less bullshit, more talk.

until another baby comes along, you are my forever baby. Haha, let mummy spoil you a little more with lots of co-sleeping on a big big queen sized Tempur bed (none of that poor daddy thing here), lots of baby-wearing and lots of nursing.

you babble, you chew, you walk assisted. you chortle, you giggle, you squeal. you are mummy’s major teh-bao. You know how to reach deep into mummy’s heart and tug at those heart-strings. If you get told off by me, you would crawl over and nuzzle me like a cat. *roll eyes* I know I know…but seriously! It is! You love resting your head against my chest, and if I carried you on my hips, you would cling on to my top tightly. If someone tried to carry you away from me, you would reach out for me.

You know, Daddy recounted to me how you reacted to the word “mummy” when he had to put you to sleep whilst I was at Jay Chou’s concert last year. You were crying for the longest time whilst Daddy carried you around the house in the carrier, and when he said “oh look, mummy!”, you stopped crying and looked into the bathroom for me. When you realised that I wasn’t there, you resumed crying again.

mama, mum mum. Mama. mah-mah. 

I love the way you call me. In that soft way you say it. And you always end it by resting your head on my chest and patting it. I hear contentment in the way you call me.

But ho ho much for that zen-ness that we all thought you were. You are a bully. You bully your brother, you bully your daddy and you bully me too. *hrmph!*

So hor..please stop bullying your brother. I know the two of you adore each other. you light up when kor kor enters the room in the morning, and you give an squeal followed by “eh!!”. You love it when he plays with you at your game, crawling all over the place and falling over each other. You laugh your head off when he tosses the laundry in your cot and the two of you are flopping all over the place in it. Kor kor has been giving way HEAPS to you (at our insistence and on his own accord). He loves playing with you so much, and I love watching the both of you play. Kor kor has in his own way, watched your back and taken care of you, making sure you get your sips of water, sharing his crackers with you, and trying to carry you around the house.

The both of you light up my world.

I know I should try not to keep comparing your development with your brother. You still have time, based on your adjusted age. You are starting to shuffle a couple of steps. You are a mad climber (drives me freaking nuts tho) and you are a lunatic on your push walker. Haha. I wish you would say more words, but you are good at pointing whatever you have been taught, so I’ll take whatever it is. No more words also good, just keep up with the mama ok?

For now, just be my forever baby. least until the next baby arrives =P

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