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the level of creepiness is just going up big time. haha. In a good way.

Arrived in Singapore on Friday evening, went out for dinner, went home to drop the luggage before rushing out back in the direction of Changi Village to pick my boys up. It was a weird experience, but all good.

Went to site N at Terminal 6 at the Cargo Complex to get the paperwork to set the boys free. Then proceeded to go up to the 3rd floor to hand in some paperwork to receive the boys. One of the customs officers said that he liked Thomas. haha. Only cos Thomas is such a stickler for attention =P. Stooped down to say hi to the boys and saw that Thomas pooped in his cage. -_- It’s gonna be an interesting drive to the AVA office within the Cargo Complex. We got a map from the customs officer and we were on our way to have the boys checked before they are officially released from customs!

We cleared the pooped and made sure Thomas’ paws were wiped (no point, cos he left newspaper paw prints around the toilet……-_-). The AVA guy had a brief look at the boys, checked their microchip, and said that we were almost free to go. We still had to declare the value on the pets (priceless…no? =P) at the GST office near the entrance. Had a brief chat with the AVA guy about Thomas, and how he is definitely a Bengal cat cos of his markings, and that he’s got a long body like a Maine Coon (googled Maine Coon cats and Georgie looks like one!). No, we are not sure if Thomas is a Bengal. He just looks like one!

Anyways, everything was done within 1.5 hours on top of the 1 hour drive to and fro from Changi Village. Thomas had such a pong. Shampoo shopping was next on the list of to-dos and that’s just what we did the next morning. I got 3 new markings on my thigh as a welcome gift from Thomas during the shower as he climbed up me to avoid the rinse. DOH. He still smells tho. Just a little. =P

(it’s almost as tho he heard me type the previous sentence, cos the moment I finished, he meowed at me. hehe)

Right apart from that..still adjusting into Singapore life, wishing people around were a little more gracious. haha. Okay, shall not complain the moment I get home. =P

Went out for a pig out sesh with Donald, and his parents yesterday at the Merchant Court hotel. Buffet at the same place two weeks in a row! hahaha. I really enjoyed the pig out sesh with Ken, Tina & Leon the first time. We spent almost 3.5 hours there, and we talked and ate and talked and ate more. Those were good times. Then the four of us sat outside the hotel waiting for Donald to arrive to pick me up and we talked more =P For that kind of company, it was good to be back. *beams* But yes, pig out sesh last night. The males in the family ate so much that they looked REALLY uncomfortable. hahaha. It was quite funny. But I was more thorough with the dessert section this time round. Didn’t get a chance to go through the dessert selection the previous time. Thank goodness Donald and I went swimming last arvo to work up a decent appetite.

Of course I paid my dues for it this morning. Woke up and went to the gym for a 30min work out sesh. And sadly, I only lost 73 calories on the treadmill. Slowly but surely. I had the stamina to run, it was just that I was bored after a while. Meh.

Oh yes, I digressed. the main reason for that title. haha. See, when Donald found out that we studied at the same polytechnic and that he was in Year 3 when I was in Year 1 (different faculty mind you), he went out about how we could have met in the same canteen, shared the same fork *roll eyes* and probably sat somewhere close to each other, waited at the bus stop..yada yada yada. Look, given the way he looked back then (yes, I’m superficial then, and he did look UBER GEEKY!! hahahahah), I probably wouldn’t have given him the time of the day. and yes, I told him that =P But yes, Donald reckons we were meant to be together. Not then, but eventually. You know, crossing each other’s paths..etc etc.

And then last night, we were talking about swimming and working up an appetite, and then talked about our primary schools, and swimming lessons. Donald’s mom then talked about having to send Donald for swimming lessons at Bedok Swimming Complex. And then she said that Donald’s swimming instructor was Roland.

WTH…and Roland was my neighbour 1 floor down from me when I lived in Bedok South like yonks ago, and was a swimming instructor (probably still is?). Not saying that I would have met Donald then cos I have only come across Roland giving lessons at Bedok Swimming Complex like..less than 5 times?? But how creepy is that!?!? Some 6 degrees of separation then.

Of course, by now, we will all know how Donald is going to go on about us definitely being destined to be together. -_- hahahaha

but yes, strange how the world works, no? =P

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  1. Hahaha… Babe!! I like the thing about Donald saying you and him are destined to be together. Kai Urn thinks we are destined to be together too just cos he and my sis share the same birthdate. -________-“