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who dat in the mirror??

who dat in the mirror??

So we enter into another phase. The phase where the monster gets very mobile.

To be honest, I knew that we would get a little busier when Oliver was finally stable with walking. But I just didn’t know how much busier. Walking was one thing, walking & still being curious about the “world” outside his play yard was another. I guess what I had envisioned was a little someone following me around the house, hanging around me to see what I was doing.

Big hah.

Try me following him around the house to catch him if he falls, grab stuff out of the way cos obviously he doesn’t look where he is walking, and grab his hands so he doesn’t go sticking them in sockets or grab stuff off shelves.

Obviously I never learn. Haha. Why, you ask? When Oliver was younger, I wished for the day he ate solids so I could introduce different kinds of food for him. Then I found out how difficult it was to prepare his food separately and all that pureeing!! Then I wished he would be able to speak a little. Now he jabbers sooo much. I cannot imagine how it would be like when he can talk.

So I waited with bated breath for him to walk..and oh boy. I got more than what I wished for. Haha.

But hey, he is a pretty good kid so far and I really shouldn’t complain. So yeah.

I was telling Donald earlier that it might be a little interesting taking him out now that he prefers to walk. I might even consider not taking the stroller out and alternate between piggy-backing him and allowing him to be on the ground. Hrm. Then again I am not big on putting my back out with carrying him. Meh.

Good thing about this walking thing is it seems to be tiring him out a little more. His sleep durations have been slowly extending, hitting four-hourly feeds the night before last. Hopefully this means the walking milestone is over and his brain is happy to take a rest till his vocal milestone kicks in. Yikes. (And I jinxed myself..cos he didn’t do four-hourly feeds last night. Damn.)

Welp, till the next big change I guess.

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